MEDICAL USES: Pasupu or turmeric may be the first medicine which might have introduced into the kitchen from the ancient times. In India you may not see a single kitchen without it.
1) TURMERIC THE ULTIMATE SWAROOPA OF MAHA LAKSHMI: HINDUS believe that Turmeric is the substance originated with the positive radiation of Mahalakshmi. A PREMODIAL QUEEN from which the entire process of creation and evolution took place. She is the first creation of God and the God gave her the responsibility to begin the processes of creation. So we can believe that Goddess might have sent TURMERIC plant well in advance before she sent deities. That is why Hindus start every pooja with Turmeric made Ganesha.
2) TURMERIC THE AISHWARYA KARINI: Hindus daily wash their door entrances, door footings and decorate them with Turmeric solutions to say welcome to the MAHALAKSHIMI, the ultimate Goddess of wealth. Ancient seers’ wisdom was much higher than us. They made it a custom for Hindu to follow this procedure only to prevent Negative forces to getting into the House and saying welcome to riches.
3) In recent times the use of mantra (use) prayogas have come down to nil. Mantra prayoga is a natural set of instruction to the Nature to do so and so job. Some charged letters were composed in such way that it becomes a program to give instruction to the nature to get objectives done. Sadly people sometimes use this great science to do bad things. But if you decorate the entrance doors with this TURMERIC, then these kind of NEGATIVE ENERGIES ARE PREVENTED from entering into house. To stop the ill effects of such prayogas we make a statue of Mahalakshmi in the house with Turmeric and worship it daily with SREE SUKTAM a set of Mantras in the Rukveda. This very worship will do three things at a time. 1) This welcomes Aishvaraya (the Magnetic power of God in wealth form) 2) Prevents the negative Energies from entering the house 3) It also prevents the wealth from going out. That is why we say STIROBHAVA (BE HERE WITH US) Stambana means to stopping ANY MECHANISM TO PROCEED FURTHER.

4) ANTI SLESHMA: Sleshma is known to the western world as sputum. Increase of sputum really abstracts the breathing procedure and endangers the life. If it enters into the cells then it causes further loss. Practicing Medicine is also logic and it is also common sense. For example you will not find asthma in heat natured people and it is a common problem to the people who born with the signs of Cancer, Scorpion and pieces zodiac sign people. These three zodiac sign people are often subject to Asthma and if Saturn occupies the Ascendant then Asthma is a certainty Where as Turmeric is a property of Mahalakshmi who is very well praised in Vedas as Jata Veda means HEAT Energy is natural medicine. Pankaja kastoori is famous medicine for Asthma. Raw turmeric stick may be heated on a stow and the fumes may be taken in, to get relief in acute asthma cases.
5) Jaggery and Turmeric both have anti biotical and anti inflammation properties both can be mixed and taken to get relief in asthma.
6) TURMERIC GREATEST DETOXIFIER: In both forms Ayurveda and homeopathy Mercury is being used in acute chronic cases. Cleaning of Mercury is a lengthy process because it contains Led, tin and Mercury itself is a very dangerous liquid Metal but if it is been processed properly it can make human beings Eternal.It is said that RAVANA IS THE FORE FATHER OF OF ALCHEMY AND KAYAKALPA. The process of mercury cleaning starts with Turmeric treatment. If turmeric can detoxify Mercury, then why cannot it detoxify the human body? All followers of Ayurveda can use this turmeric as intake if there is any hint of toxifying. We recommend you to use more and more turmeric in all kitchen recipes. In Rasayoga Ratnakara it is very clearly told that Mercury is nothing but Lord shiva and Sulfur is Parvathi.
TURMERIC IS A BLOOD CLEANSER: Regular intake of turmeric in small doses really cleans the blood and it is very much useful tip in all skin troubles. It also cleans the intestines and reduces the skin problems. In homeopathy it is believed that discomfort in the intestines causes the skin problems. Ayurveda believes that impure blood or infected blood and unclean intestines and petki Garmi (excess heat in stomach) are the causes of skin problems. (we will discuss the modern research finding on the TURMERIC IN THE second part of this article next week)

Samskruti Organization's photo.
Samskruti Organization's photo.
Samskruti Organization's photo.

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